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There is a golden bone up for grabs, who will win this year?

The Event: 2nd annual Taste of the NFL Fundraiser, raising money for Gleaners Food Bank and the many central Indiana families who need assistence getting food on their tables.  Last year we did a chili cook-off.  This year we are throwing down to see which chef can make the best sandwich.  You will not leave hungry.  Or thirsty. And there will be random loud megaphone raffles featuring exciting prizes throughout the day. (hosted by The Neal Brown Trio)

The Specifics:  Sunday, January 4, 2015 (3:00 to 6:00 pm)  @ Recess- 4907 College Avenue.  *The event happens, rain or shine or blizzard, power or no power.  We again will not be defeated by mother nature!

The participants:  The defending champion, Eli Laidlaw.  The rock star sausage man, Chris Eley.  Chris “old milwaukee” Benedyke. The sassy one, Abbi Merriss.  Craig “the entrepeneur” Baker. The cookie man, Eli ” shagbark” AndersonBrent Joseph, the weiner man.  The soup nazi, Roger“D-Day” Hawkins.  Ryan “Salty Mammas Milk” Schlegelmilch.  The Fermented Omelet Man, Jon Brooks.  Ryan “the minnesota kid” Nelson.  Dave “his name says it all” Tallent.  Neal “where are my restaurants this week?” Brown.  And of course I will participate too.  Greg Hardesty (you can’t ever self gloss your nickname)

The Cost:  $120 for all the friendship and hand held food you can eat, plenty of beer, wine and the satisfaction that you have helped our hoosier neighbors be a little less hungry.  THIS IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF THE EVENT, We are all so very blessed, let’s share our good fortune.

If you cannot attend, you can visit to donate.  Make sure you click on the Colts link to donate, as this is another competition among NFL cities.  Chefs….. we’re a very competitive bunch!


For Tickets visit:


Thank you in advance,




“This city and this community have given me something that I never expected I would find.  It’s now my job and my mission to make sure that other people get to feel the same way.  Through the foundation, through the restaurant and through relationships–through conversation and good will I think we can do that.  We should all want to be better and do better and I think that this foundation will be a good first step.”

-Ryan Hidinger

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